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  Uwe Lammla was born on 21th January 1961 in Neustadt an der Orla (Eastern Thuringia).

The ancestors came from Upper Franconia and Silesia. The father was a technologist with engineering degree, the mother wholsale merchant in engineering operation. He grew up on a farm on which his great-grandfather during the last emperor had foundet. Agriculture was still in ruins only operated (chicken, sheep, vegetable garden), in his childhood was quite normal, always with friends or with the dog in nature to be undereay, climbing on rocks, tree houses to build, to make fire and "gangs". With the advent of puberty, he is enthusiastic fpr chemistry and experimented with explosives, which could also lead to various injuries and demage resulted. At the same time, he wrot adventure stries of robbers who always steal if they do not just celebrate the success or in prison, and their hunters and even then showed little desire for a page zo take sides.

Uwe Lammla visited ten years the unity school in the GDR beform him an opportunity to attend the special classes for the college chemistry Leuna-Merseburg higher maturity to acquire. The regular way was eliminated after it already at this tender age first problems with the autorities there, then in tim with "lack compared to societal needs" were defined. In Merseburg he lived two years in a residential school with self-administration by scoolers, and several attempts by by the school a home manager for the pupils to gain knowledge through with what bangs, smells an the laity eerie phenomena produced effectively prevented. First poetic attempts emerged at this time in connection with pop music productions in the home. With official bodies of the art business had Uwe Lammla nothing to do, after a recitation competistion "The artistic word" in Gera in 1971 was closed with an extremely embarrassed mischievous.